In BsaB world, everything begins with our love for nature,​​​​​​​
where we find the GRACE in its IMPERFECTION to be MEANINGFUL and EMPROVERING

It is our passion is to share what we love while keeping the earth, our people and our custovers happy. That inspiration comers together to create our perminum quality products that are truly green to their hearts.

 BsaB SPIRIT​​​​​​​​​  

For years, we have been traveling, wandering about in nature.
The more we explore, the more we learn about ourselves, and the more we learn to love and appreciate the essence of the natural world.

Nature sooths our minds, yet awakens our senses and allows our passions to stream freely.
Every journey we take rejuvenates us; it feeds our hungry souls and returns a sparkle of life back to us.

That invigorating essence of nature stirs our senses to long for the next expedition.
A sweet reminiscence of those moments when, to us, everything else falls silent,
and all we hear is the beat of our heart that echoes to the rhythm of nature,
a time when we truly synergize and reconnect.

This uplifting energy that nature provides inspires us to extend this positive vibration to others.
Through THE TRUE SCENT OF NATURE, we speak the language of Mother Earth
to convey our feelings, love and gratitude.

We learn that we are part of nature, and we, too, share with it the common traits of imperfection 
because all things are unique, different and natural.

Once we understand the way of nature
we can find beauty in the simplest things, and we recognize that even the most subtle details can create great impressions.

The name BsaB (bee-sah-bee) is derived from the word “wabi-sabi” which means
“The Beauty of Imperfection” according to Japanese philosophy.
It translates by our own interpretation as “THE IMPERFECT NATURE”
which celebrates the beauty of the undisturbed natural world.

With the BsaB true scent of nature, our soul is re-energized, and we are reminded to embrace the
NATURAL BEAUTY that is real and powerful.
Come find your true self expression and invigorate your senses with the beautiful wonder of nature!
Fine natural scents
Happy Birthday 12​th BsaB 

May you have a great time today and find happiness in everything you do. Happy Birthday